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Acai Pure


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Acai Pure includes only the highest grade Acai powder available anywhere on the planet. CCN has exclusive contracts with growers of Acai berries all over world. Acai Pure is a powerful cleansing formula that helps you to lose weight and feel amazing all day long every day. Acai Pure will help you to clean your body of unwanted waste and prevent future build up from occurring again. Along with its amazing cleansing properties coming the amazing antioxidant properties of the Acai berry. AcaiPure is America’s #1 Anti-oxidant cleansing formula!

We are so confident that Acai Pure is the most effective and powerful cleansing product on the market today that if for any reason you find AcaiPure is not right for you, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose except the weight.

The makers Acai Pure have upgraded their forumla to the

Visit the NEW Acai Berry Optimum's
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About Acai Berry

Acai (pronounced ah-SAH”-ee) was commonly thought to be the Japanese beer called ASAHI because of the two words’ almost identical pronunciations. However, after the fruit became popular as a must-have dietary supplement, several individuals can now distinguish the Acai from the Asahi.

Acai Berries come from the water-loving Acai Palms, which grow along the swamps and riversides in the Amazon jungle. The leaves of these palms are important components of Amazon tribe weaving. The natives weave hats, mats, baskets, brooms, and even roof-tops out of these long, sturdy Acai leaves.

The Acai has also been one of the major sources of food for the local inhabitants of the Amazon. The soft inner tips of some Acai species are the main ingredients of authentic Brazillian salads. The palm’s fruit, called the Acai Berry, are considered delicious treats for both the young and the old. The juice from Acai Berries is commonly used in shakes, sodas, juice blends, smoothies, and hot and iced teas.

Aside from its edible and construction purposes, the Acai also serves as a home remedy for minor ailments such as diarrhea, stomach ache, fever, and the common cold. Comprising about eighty percent of the fruit’s total mass, Acai seeds are ground or pitted to be used as livestock feed or soil fertilizers.

In addition, Acai Extract comes from the Acai’s huge seeds. This extract, when freeze-dried, effectively preserves all the important nutrients and minerals in Acai Berries. Because of the delicate nature of the berries, it’s very hard to transport them to faraway places like the United States and Canada. Freeze-drying its extract is the best way to uphold the various nutrients that contribute to the berry’s medical benefits.

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