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  Alternative Cholesterol Treatments
  Black Cohosh... Natural Estrogen
  Detoxification and Cleansing
  Garlic the Great!
  Herbal Naturopathy
  Herbs For Losing Weight
  Treating Your Prostate With Herbs
  The Historical Uses of Herbs
  How to Make Compressess
  Introduction to Using Essential Oils
  Oregano Heals Many Ailments
  Pine Bark Extract Antioxidants
  Drinking Tea Fights Cancer
  Make Your Own Massage Oils
  Herbs and Menopause

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Alternative Cholesterol Treatments
Cholesterol is a vital nutrient for healthy body function. Cholesterol is used by the body in the manufacture of hormones testosterone, estrogen, progesterone to name a few. This list is by no means complete. It is also used in the myelin sheath formation (covering for nerves).

Black Cohosh... The Natural Estrogen
For those who might be skeptical of taking black cohosh, consider several facts. Germany's Commission E, which evaluates herbal medicines for that country's version of the Food and Drug Administration, endorses black cohosh as a treatment for PMS.

Detoxification and Cleansing
Toxicity has become a great concern in the twentieth century. Threatening our health are powerful chemicals, air and water pollution, radiation, and nuclear waste. We ingest new chemicals, use more drugs, eat more sugary and refined foods, and abuse ourselves daily with stimulants and/or sedatives.

Garlic the Great!
Our knowledge of garlic's health benefits dates as far back as ancient Indian and Eastern medicine. Throughout history, garlic has been used as everything from an antibiotic to a tasty cooking ingredient.

Herbal Naturopathy
Herbs and naturopathy are two approaches that complement one another to form a whole system of healthcare - herbal naturopathy. To see how, it is useful to look at some of the significant features of the two individual disciplines.

Herbs for Losing Weight
Now a day the most common health problem for Americans is being overweight. Being severely overweight increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, respiratory distress, arthritis, etc. So how do we lose weight without gaining it back?

Treating Your Prostate With Herbs
Doctors in Europe are on the cutting edge of herbal medicine. Twenty years ago they discovered the power of this mysterious tree bark for treating prostate problems. And they've been using it ever since.

The Historical Uses of Herbs - Herbs, Healing, Religion, and the Paranormal
What's all this got to do with herbs, healing, religion and the paranormal you might ask? Well, I began to wonder, if it is possible for dogs have a sixth sense is it also possible for humans have a sixth sense?

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