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Treating Your Prostate With Herbs

Doctors in Europe are on the cutting edge of herbal medicine. Twenty years ago they discovered the power of this mysterious tree bark for treating prostate problems. And they've been using it ever since.

The United States is finally beginning to catch on. But now it may be too late. In fact, this proven remedy is so scarce that most prostate formulas in the U.S. don't include it. Even though it may be the most powerful natural prostate remedy in the world!

Your prostate supplement probably works... to a degree. But without this difficult-to-get ingredient you'll never get complete relief from your embarrassing and dangerous prostate symptoms. Without it, your formula only does half the job - at best!

Pygeum africanum grows in the mountains of southern Africa. The bark of this tree has been used for centuries as a traditional remedy for urinary disorders. Natives of southern Africa still brew pygeum tea to relieve symptoms associated with prostate enlargement.

The demand for it in Europe and throughout the world has been so great that pygeum tree bark has become very valuable. So valuable that it's been over-harvested.

In fact, pygeum is now listed on Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. In many areas it's been harvested nearly into extinction.

Because pygeum is endangered, many countries in Africa have banned harvesting it. The short supply has caused prices to rise. So much so, that many prostate supplement makers have stopped using it.

Or, worse, they use trace amounts. Just enough to list it on their label so you think your formula offers complete protection. But it's not enough to do you any good. It's just there for show. (You'd be surprised how common that is.)

Are you secretly settling for incomplete relief?

To get real relief from your symptoms you need the right combination of remedies. At the right dosages.

Many herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals are proven to relieve prostate symptoms. For example, you've probably heard about saw palmetto. In fact, you may already take it on a daily basis. But saw palmetto can't do the job by itself!

If your prostate formula doesn't have pygeum - or doesn't combine the right remedies at the right doses - you aren't getting the most relief possible from your embarrassing and uncomfortable symptoms.

Worse, if you still have symptoms you could be at greater risk. In fact, just not being able to empty your bladder completely could lead to bladder infections , to kidney stones, even kidney failure and death. Fortunately, you can avoid these gruesome outcomes if your supplement has the right ingredients.

26 separate studies prove the power of pygeum

Pygeum was shown to relieve common prostate symptoms in 26 different scientific studies. Remember, it works so well that there isn't enough pygeum left in the world to meet demand.

A study of 263 patients in Germany, France and Austria tested the effects of 100 mg of pygeum a day against a placebo. The results showed a full 66% improvement in urination for the group taking the pygeum - more than double that of the placebo group.

But how well it works by itself is only part of the magic. Another reason it's so valuable is because it makes other herbal remedies work better. That's right. Pygeum actually makes other ingredients, like saw palmetto and stinging nettle, more effective.

In a Swiss study, researchers showed that a combination of pygeum and stinging nettle partially blocked two enzymes that cause your body to produce dihydrotestosterone or DHT, which is considered a key factor in causing painful prostate problems.

This study showed that a combination of pygeum and nettle worked a lot better than either one by itself. And, the study supports using combinations of both ingredients for the treatment of prostate symptoms. Decrease overnight trips to the bathroom and get a good night's sleep - at last!

One study in Europe showed that patients taking pygeum reported a 32% decrease in urination during the night hours. Imagine, finally being able to get a good night's sleep and not having to run to the bathroom every 10 minutes - especially for those false alarms.

26 studies can't be wrong! This stuff works! And you'll get other benefits too. An Italian study done in 1991 showed that pygeum not only reduced prostate symptoms and urinary problems but it can also increase libido. How's that for a side benefit!?

Pygeum is also a powerful anti-inflammatory that works to reduce swollen prostate tissue. Urology Times magazine stated "Pygeum helps decrease prostate swelling and painful urination."

Plus it lowers blood cholesterol. That's important because scientists believe cholesterol increases the binding sites for DHT in the prostate. Reducing cholesterol levels reduces DHT binding sites. Fewer binding sites means less prostate tissue growth.

But how can we include pygeum when it's so hard to get?

After seeing the studies and talking with numerous doctors and nutritionists, we knew we had to offer ample amounts of pygeum in order to help you protect your prostate. But we didn't want to contribute to the harvesting problem - or, obviously, do anything underhanded. So we entered into a special arrangement with Euromed in Spain. They're one of the leading suppliers of herbal ingredients in Europe, maybe even the world. They harvest the pygeum tree bark in a sustainable way, which is certified by European authorities. So you can rest assured that Ultimate Prostate Support will always contain the highest quality pygeum at the right dosage so you get the most out of it.

Used with pygeum, saw palmetto becomes even more powerful

Native Americans have used saw palmetto for centuries. During the early parts of the last century, tea made from saw palmetto was used to treat prostate problems. In fact, the U.S. Pharmacopoeia has listed it as a remedy for prostate problems since 1905.

Now there's proof that saw palmetto relieves prostate symptoms as well as some prescription drugs, but without the dangerous and embarrassing side effects!

The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study of nearly 3,000 men treated with saw palmetto versus a popular prescription drug. Their conclusion: "Saw palmetto extract produces similar improvements in urinary tract symptoms and urinary flow and was associated with fewer adverse treatment events."

Saw palmetto is a great natural solution, but it can't do the job alone. But, once you combine it with other remedies like pygeum, you can get the relief you've been looking for.

Not only does pygeum magnify the power of saw palmetto, it boosts the power of stinging nettle, too. One study found that patients who took both saw palmetto and stinging nettle experienced changes in urine flow and in residual urine. Study organizers declared the combination safe and effective.

Another study followed 2,080 BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) patients for 12 weeks. Men in the study were treated with a combination of saw palmetto and nettle root. The results were amazing.

  • 26% increase in maximum urinary flow
  • 44.7% reduction in residual urine
  • 62.5% reduction in painful urination
  • 53.6% reduction in post urination dribbling
  • 50% reduction in nighttime urination

Stinging nettle delivers 82% improvement in 8 weeks!

A French study found that a combination of stinging nettle and pygeum led to dramatic improvements in BPH in only one month.

Another study showed that eight weeks of treatment with stinging nettle led to an 82% improvement in symptoms. A different study showed an 86% improvement in symptoms after three months treatment. Either way, that's a huge improvement in just 2 or 3 months. Imagine if you could cut your painful symptoms and trips to the bathroom by over 80%!

Stinging nettle is just one more part of the total package. It works in concert with both pygeum and saw palmetto to deliver powerful relief from your symptoms.

Lycopene may be man's new best friend

Lycopene comes from tomatoes. It's the stuff that makes them red. And, it's now thought to be the world's most powerful antioxidant. And a powerful defense against prostate cancer .

The proof is just too strong to ignore. A six-year study of 48,000 men at Harvard Medical School found that men who ate tomato products twice a week had a 21% to 34% reduced risk of prostate cancer.

Some research even suggests that lycopene can help treat existing cancer.

Dr. Omer Kacuk, professor of medicine and oncology at the Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit, Michigan, studied the effect of lycopene on prostate cancer patients. The study followed 30 men who were going to have their prostates surgically removed. Half were given lycopene. The other half were given a placebo.

Patients taking lycopene had smaller tumors. And, their tumors showed signs of regression and decreased malignancy. Dr Kacuk states "Our findings suggest that lycopene as tomato extract may not only help prevent prostate cancer, but may also be useful in treating prostate cancer".

Vitamins and minerals protect your prostate at the cellular level

All natural vitamin E is another powerful antioxidant. And a powerful ally in your fight against prostate disease. Now there's evidence that it may help fight prostate cancer.

A University of Helsinki study in Finland gave 29,133 men, ages 50 to 69, vitamin E, beta-carotene, both supplements together, or a placebo. The treatments continued for five to eight years.

Compared with the placebo group, the men taking vitamin E were 36% less likely to develop prostate cancer. The results of the study also suggested that vitamin E may help prevent prostate cancer from moving from the latent to the progressive stages.

Selenium works with vitamin E to protect the whole cell. While selenium protects the inside of the cell, vitamin E protects the cell membrane. Alone, they each have their benefits, but together they're a powerful defense against cell damage that can lead to cancer.

Zinc is another important mineral for your prostate health. It's been shown to improve urinary symptoms and reduce the size of the prostate in men with BPH.

Zinc also helps control the enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT. Since DHT makes your prostate grow, less DHT is better. And, since zinc is required for normal testosterone and sperm production, it's thought that a zinc deficiency can lead to impotence.

Now you have the whole list. A scientifically formulated combination of these ingredients is the best way to relieve your symptoms. Take any less and you're selling yourself short!

You'll benefit most from the right combination

Taken alone, each of these natural remedies can improve your prostate health.

Each can give you some relief from your embarrassing and dangerous symptoms. But, only when you take the right combination, at the right doses, can you get total relief.

The power comes from the complete combination of ingredients that is built around pygeum. Many prostate formulas on the market today have some of these ingredients. And they probably work...to some degree.

But if you want the ultimate in prostate support...if you want the most powerful weapon available...if you want total relief from your symptoms and the worry that goes with them...then you need to take a complete formulation. And it must include at least 100 mg of pygeum every day.

Everything you need - in one GUARANTEED formulation

You could buy each of these ingredients at the health food store. But, it'd probably cost you at least $75 a month. That's if you can even find a quality source of the most important one of all - pygeum!

Even if you can find each part of this powerful combination you'd have a hard time getting the right dosage or the best quality. Plus you'd have to take six or seven different pills a few times a day to get the maximum benefit.

Ultimate Prostate Support is a scientifically formulated mixture of all these proven ingredients. The nutritional team working for NorthStar Nutritionals has combined these prostate protecting botanicals, vitamins and minerals into a powerful formula.

Pygeum, combined with saw palmetto, stinging nettle and zinc, works to reduce the size of your prostate. And it's only then that your symptoms can start to disappear.

Lycopene, vitamin E and selenium work together to promote optimum prostate health and studies show they may even protect you from prostate cancer.

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