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Healthy Herbs From About.com

It is time to start stocking up on astragalus to strengthen and invigorate the immune system. Updated with new research added, this could be a major herb of iimportance....

Estroven - Review
I have been taking Estroven off and on for about a year now, and I really like it....

Rehmannia Glutinosa
A revitalizing traditional Chinese herb which removes heat toxins from the blood. It also may be useful for menopause, womens complaints, boosting energy and toning the system....

Honey And Herb Preparations
Using honey as a base is a great way of taking herbs especially when they do not taste so good. Here are some simple honey and herb preparations you can use for simples or blends....

Summer Sun
Protect your skin from the sun. Discover ingredients in commercial products as well as herbs and essential oils which promote sun sensitivity. Also! Top Ten Summer Herbs Tips For Hot Summer Feet Beating The Summer Heat Dermatitis...

What's Science Got To Do With It?
Contributed by Susun Weed, a true herbalists' view of the art and science of herbalism....

Fleas - The Battle is On
Fleas are making their attacks as summer moves on. Learn what you can do to protect your pets and home this season....

Harvesting is not just a science, it's a relationship. Most harvest guides are a great starting point for harvesting plant parts by season; however, climate is different everywhere, and it may be different for you. This Harvesting Guide describes when...

Got Basil?
Basil isn't just for cooking, it has some interesting healing attributes, some which are being researched. If you are having a hot dry summer like we are which is giving us a lot of basil, here are some ways to...

How To Make Honey Herb Pills
Are you tired of making capsules? Try making easy herb pills using a honey base out of your freshly dried, raw herbs with this photo walk-thru....

Susun Weed has contributed wonderful information on how to approach and deal with this mysterious painful condition with no known cause or cure which is afflicting many women. Other Helpful Resources Anti-oxidants Herbs For Pain Management...

Plant Identification Help Needed
A reader sent in four photos of plants she would like identified. I am stumped by three of them. Can you identify them?...

Soft Stem Cuttings
Propagating herbs from soft stem cuttings is an easy way to multiply your plants, for very little if any money. Now is the time of year to get started for a new garden next year. How To Do It -...

Supreme Court Says No To Medicinal Marijuana
Even if you have a doctors prescription, even if you live in a state which passed medicinal marijuana laws; you can be prosecuted. Read The Story...

Poultices And Plasters
Poultices and plasters can be used at any time and any place, even when camping. Updated with a new list of herbs and non-herb ingredients, and some interesting poultices from The Foxfire Book....

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