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Herbal and Alternative Medicine News

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  • Getting serious with herbal medicine
    THE Health Minister, Isaac Adewole, has challenged the Nigerian Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development and the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control to cooperate with other stakeholders in developing herbal drugs in a ...

    Medicinal herb park in Ghaziabad ruined for marriage function
    Ghaziabad: A medicinal herb park, maintained by the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA), is being ruined by a private marriage function and officials, despite assurances of action, are yet to take any preventive steps.The park is incidentally right in ...

    What are the functions of Chinese Herbal Tea?
    Chinese herb(al) tea or medicinal herbal tea is a kind of infusion made from purely Chinese medicinal herbs in Guangdong, Chian. It usually tastes bitter or lightly sweet and its colour is typically black or dark brown, depending on what kinds of herbs are ...

    Aromatic, Medicinal Plants Flourish in the Himalayas
    Traditional herbs still play an important role in people’s health. More species are joining in the group of medicinal herbs. As a result, it should be highlighted that plants in Himalayas demand protection considering the challenge of climate change ...

    Quezon province plants seeds of medicinal agro-industries
    Galvez-Tan, a QHIP consultant, noted that with over 1,500 indigenous herbs and plants across the country, herbal medicine could be a multibillion-peso industry, just like in Thailand and Singapore. The World Health Organization estimates that eight of 10 ...

    Garden Tours with Homeland Security
    click to enlarge Grant Scott-Goforth The Potawot garden has culinary and medicinal herbs as well as fruit and vegetables. Mata especially likes getting kids turned onto weird veggies — kolrabi and romanesco, for instance — to help them build an ...

    Medicinal power of Kolorex Horopito extract in big demand
    Natural health product innovation company, Forest Herbs Research , is experiencing growing demand for its clinically proven anti-fungal products made from a single variety of New Zealands ancient Horopito plant.Medicinal power of NZ’s Kolorex Horopito ...

    Montpelier celebrates 20th annual Festival of Herbs, Tea and the Arts
    The grounds are like a sacred area." In celebration of the festival's 20th year, Stinchcomb said she will bring some of her medicinal herbs to plant in the ground's herb garden and plenty of pepper plants to sell after they were named herb of the year by ...

    The Barnes Arboretum opens for 2016 season; plant sale Saturday
    Some 200 lilac bushes grow there, dating from Laura Barnes’ collection. There’s also a medicinal herb garden with samples of plans from Native American, Chinese and Indian apothecaries, said Jacob Thomas, deputy director for living collections ...

    These medicinal herbs make great additions to your herbal medicine or tea cabinet
    globalist science fraud engineered to control humanity, not save it http://www.naturalnews.com/052824_Zika_virus_genetically_engineered_mosquitoes_unintended_consequences.html (NaturalNews) Medicinal plants and herbs truly do put the "mother" in mother nature.

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