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Herbal and Alternative Medicine News

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  • Medicinal Herbs with Laura Uphill
    Another rainy day and another course at Butser Ancient Farm but tucked away in the Saxon roundhouse, with a fire to keep us warm, we were content to let the British weather do what it may. I was here to learn about medicinal herbs through time with ...

    100 More Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbs to Find
    This is a list of 100 different herbs that are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM. TCM has been around for over 2,000 years, so these herbs are suitable for most time periods, and could be found in a modern TCM shop or a fantasy herbalist.

    Healing Herbal Teas for Colds and Flu
    Growing and cultivating herbs good for colds and flu, then turning them into teas, offers powerful restorative benefit from garden—or windowsill—to the pantry, to a cup full of steaming nutrition from our own garden medicine “cabinet”. We should ...

    Herbal Medicine Practice; The shortcomings Of The Professional Association (Part two)
    The shortcomings of the Ghana Association of Medical Herbalists (GAMH) , the only professional association of herbal medicine practice in Ghana is described in this article in accordance with the structure of an ideal professional association/body.

    Herbal Extracts Manufacturers | Medicinal Herbs in India
    Now-a-days, health problems are very common. Everyone is suffering from some or the other kind of medical issues such as viral infections, heart diseases, obesity, thyroid, diabetes, gastric problem, and skin diseases. This is because of the improper diet ...

    Tag: traditional medicine
    Herbal medicine is the use of natural herbs such as leaves, flowers, roots, seeds, and berries for therapeutic purposes. Ancient Egyptians and Chinese have been using herbal medicine long before history was recorded. Also, Native American and African ...

    Can Chinese medicine cure farm income deficiency?
    PILOT — A nonprofit hopes a fledgling Chinese herb growing consortium can stimulate the chi, or life force, of farmers across the region. Over the past two years, the Blue Ridge Center for Chinese Medicine has leveraged state grants to train and outfit ...

    Herbal Bitters For Digestion
    What does the term “bitters” mean? It simply means a food or, more typically, a medicinal herb, which tastes bitter, such as dandelion greens. It’s believed our body needs all types of foods. This includes bitter-tasting foods. However, sometimes it ...

    Okie from Muskogee: Herbs, meditation keep Owen busy
    Chief among these are the variety of herbs she grows at MoonShadow and sells at such places as Muskogee Farmers Market. She loves sharing what she knows. "Medicinal herbs are all around us, and people don't recognize it," she said. A Muskogee native ...

    12 Medicinal Plants Worth Your Garden Space & Grown Easily
    Plants have been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. The medicinal plants including flower plants and herbs are easy to grow at home. They can treat a wide range of illnesses without any major side effects. It is very important to have ...

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