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Medicinal Food News

Stress Can Cancel Out The Benefits Of Healthy Fat
Now, a new study suggests that when you consume a high calorie and high fat diet while stressed, you can also cause your body to burn fewer calories.

Heavy Drinking Can Harm the Aging Brain
As people age, the harmful effects of heavy drinking can take a toll on key brain functions, such as memory, attention and learning, a new study shows.

Ontario-grown low GI potato appeals to diabetics
The Ontario-grown spud has been found to have a lower glycemic response, meaning it does not cause the rapid spike in blood sugar that normally comes from eating carbohydrate rich foods

Feeding babies egg and peanut may prevent food allergy
scientists from Imperial College London analysed data from 146 studies. In total the studies involved more than 200,000 children.

How some older adults retain youthful thinking abilities and the brain circuits that support those abilities.
Some loss of memory is usually considered an inevitable part of aging, but new research reveals how some people appear to escape that fate.

A glass of beer makes people more sociable: study
The team from University Hospital Basel in Switzerland tested 60 healthy people drinking alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer.

Acetaminophen product makers told by Health Canada to boost warnings
Health Canada has told makers of over-the-counter products to provide clearer label instructions and stronger warnings on products containing acetaminophen in an effort to prevent liver damage.

High Calcium, Low Lactose Diet May Reduce Risk of Ovarian Cancer in African American Women
Research from Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey and and other U.S. health and academic institutions shows a diet high in calcium and low in lactose may reduce the risk of ovarian cancer in African American women

The Truth Behind the Five Second Rule Revealed
So, if science has debunked the five second rule, does that mean it is unsafe to eat food that has hit the floor?

What Vitamins and Nutrients Will Help Prevent My Glaucoma from Worsening?
A recent study suggests that a diet that includes plenty of green, leafy vegetables may lower the risk of glaucoma.

How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat
The sugar industry paid scientists in the 1960s to play down the link between sugar and heart disease and promote saturated fat as the culprit instead

Midlife physical activity is associated with better cognition in old age
A new study of 3050 twins finds moderately vigorous physical activity i.e., more strenuous than walking to be associated with better cognition in a 25-year follow-up.

High variability suggests glycemic index is unreliable indicator of blood sugar response
Glycemic index values can vary by 20 percent within an individual and 25 percent among individuals, according to the results of a controlled feeding clinical trial

6 new groups of molecules could be the key to delaying aging
Hearing loss, brittle bones, sagging skin, a deteriorating mind: these are just some of the issues associated with growing old

Potential health hazards of eating red meat
A new review provides a comprehensive summary of the potential negative health effects of eating red meat.

Common Bacteria Show Promise for Treating Celiac Disease
Researchers have isolated an enzyme from bacteria present in human saliva that has potential as a therapy for celiac disease when they consume gluten

Retinoic acid deficiency linked to tumors
Levels of retinoic acid, a vitamin A metabolite, are low in mice and humans with colorectal cancer, according to new research. People with high levels of an enzyme that degrades retinoic acid have a poor prognosis.

Diets Avoiding Dry-Cooked Foods Can Protect Against Diabetes, Say Mount Sinai Researchers
Simple changes in how we cook could go a long way towards preventing diabetes, say researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Young childrens antibiotic exposure associated with higher food allergy risk
Antibiotic treatment within the first year of life may wipe out more than an unwanted infection: exposure to the drugs is associated with an increase in food allergy diagnosis

Selenium status influence cancer risk
According to our data, the third of the population with lowest selenium status have a five- to ten-fold increased risk of developing hepatocellular carcinoma - also known as liver cancer.

Shades of Fat: Why One Leads to Obesity and Another to Hibernation
They do not know as much about brown fat, how the human body produces it and what steps people can take to increase the amount of brown fat in their bodies, thus lowering their risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Caffeine and its analogues revert memory deficits by normalizing stress responses in the brain
In elderly people, we know there is an increase of stress hormones that have an impact on memory.

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